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Can you Imagine? Why Imagination is Crucial to the Christian Life
Christian Bible Studies (2011)

Five Strategic Advantages of Small Churches
Sermon Central (June 2010)

Word to the Y’s
Leadership (Fall 2009)

To Kill or to Love—That Was the Question
Christianity Today (July 2009)

Learning from Liturgy
Relevant (March/April 2009)

Ministry Lessons from a Muslim
Leadership (Spring 2009), with Skye Jethani

Missional to the Max
Leadership (Fall 2008)

A Jesus for Real Men
Christianity Today (April 2008)

Rx for Spiritual A.D.D.: an interview with Richard Foster
Leadership (Summer 2011) and Christianisma Hoy (Summer 2011)

Is the Era of Age Segregation Over?: an interview with Kara Powell
Leadership (Summer 2009)

From Prisoners to Presidents
Neue Quarterly (Summer 2009)

Community is Not the Goal: an interview with Jon Trott
Leadership (Spring 2009)

With One Voice: an interview with Keith and Kristyn Getty
Leadership (Winter 2009)

Novel Teachers: Preachers and Misfits, Prophets and Thieves: The Minister in Southern Fiction, by G. Lee Ramsey
Christianity Today (February 2009)

Through A Screen Darkly: Flickering Pixels, by Shane Hipps
Leadership (Spring 2009)

The Blue Parakeet: Part 1
Out of Ur

The Blue Parakeet: Part 2
Out of Ur

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Academic Papers and Presentations:
“From Tip-toes to Toolkits: Christianity Today, Leadership journal, and American Evangelical Clergy 
 (1956-1980), presented at the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Francisco, CA—October 2011.

“Theologian of the Word of God? Reception of Barth’s View of Revelation and Exegesis in North America and 
Britain, 1945–1962.” Trinity Journal 32:1 (Spring 2011): 31-46.

“Freedom of the Will and Freedom of Religion: The Edwardsean Foundations of Isaac Backus’ Appeal for Religious Liberty,” presented at the national meeting of the Conference on Faith and History in Newberg, Oregon—October 2010.

“From Soul Liberty to Self-Reliance: John Leland and the Evangelical Origins of Radical Individualism.” 
American Baptist Quarterly 27.2 (Summer 2008): 136–150.

Academic Reviews
Paul K. Helseth. Right Reason and the Princeton Mind: An Unorthodox Proposal (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2010) in Trinity Journal (forthcoming)

Books (contributed)
Christianity Today Study Series

The Future of the Church
Christianity Today Study Series

Biographical Introduction for each of the following in the Moody Classics Series (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2010):

Moody, D. L., The Overcoming Life
Nathan Stone, Names of God
F. B. Meyer, The Secret of Guidance
J. C. Ryle, Holiness: Its Natures, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots
L. E. Maxwell, Born Crucified
C. H. Spurgeon, All of Grace, 17–19.

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